Hunter students need your help!

You remember how the Hunter community rallied and came together during Hurricane Sandy – providing nearly $100,000 in grants for rent, lost wages, technology and other critical needs for our students.

Our current Hunter students face a similar crisis with the COVID-19 outbreak, and we’re asking for the Hunter community to rally together to help.

Given so many businesses are closed during this crisis, our students are seeing their hours dramatically reduced without pay, or are losing their jobs altogether. Unanticipated childcare costs given the public school closure are placing a financial burden on the students who are mandated to work outside their home. And we know students will have unexpected expenses associated with the move to remote learning, such as needing wifi in their homes, purchasing subscriptions to streaming services, apps and other technology platforms.

In the spirit of our motto, Mihi Cura Futuri “The Care of the Future is Mine,” we invite you to support Hunter students by making a gift to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund today. With your help, we can provide meaningful relief for current Hunter students during this crisis.

Support the Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Fund now!